The Horror of Party Beach (1964)

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The hotdogs-in-the-mouth monster. This was a straightforward build of this kit that had no particular difficulties. The base has the metal drum with the toxic spill that started it all.

From Wikipedia:

The Horror of Party Beach (working title Invasion of the Zombies)[1] is a 1964 horror film in the beach party genre, directed by B-movie maven Del Tenney, which Tenney himself describes as “a take-off on beach parties and musicals”. [2] A small U.S. East Coast beach town experiences a wave of attacks from water plants and dead human tissue mutated from radioactive waste. They coalesce into humanoid form by attaching themselves to skeletons in a shipwreck and immediately proceed to hunt down and kill mostly young women, as is common in the horror films of this era. Despite the murders committed by the monsters, young women in large numbers keep returning to the area and having, for instance, slumber parties, much to the monster’s convenience. Trying to stop the monsters are scientist Dr. Gavin, his young-adult daughter Elaine, and her boyfriend (and his employee) Hank Green, with some unexpected assistance from housekeeper Eulabelle and metallic sodium.

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