The Interocitor from This Island Earth (1955)

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This 1/8th scale kit was obtained at the 2012 Wonderfest show. Scratchbuilt items include the color wheel (pie shaped cuts were made from transparent mylar sheets), the central small triangular view screen with the blended color image, small wire mesh to cover three openings, and a video grab from the film with Exeter talking attached to the large triangular view screen. Also, the catalog, “Electronics Services; Unit No. 16”, on the top right side of the machine was scratch built. The catalog cover was made on my computer and attached to a painted wood piece to simulate pages. All of this on a custom wood base.

From Wikipedia:

The interocitor, also spelled interositor is a fictitious multi-functional device featured in the original story and 1955 science fiction film This Island Earth. The device arrives in kit form as an intelligence test for scientists who might prove helpful to an alien race.

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