Tales of Terror (1962)

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Vincent Price mostly played characters in his films and not necessarily made-up monsters so it is a treat to get another version of the master in one of his interesting roles, that of Fortunato in the fourth of the “Corman-Poe” cycle of films, Tales of Terror. This sculpt, by Jeff Yagher and released by X-O Facto/Tower of London, is a delight. In the film, ToT, there is a dream sequence filmed in a stretched anamorphic style that shows Price tossing Lorre’s (Montresor Herringbone) head around. In issues of Famous Monsters of Filmland at the time were photos of Price holding the head of Lorre from the film so we finally have this image in scale. The trowel was painted with alclad metallics and all else were acrylics.

From Wikipedia:

Tales of Terror (1962) is an American International Pictures horror film starring Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, and Basil Rathbone; it is the fourth in the so-called Corman-Poe cycle of eight films largely featuring adaptations of Edgar Allan Poe stories directed by Roger Corman and released by AIP. The film was released as a double feature with Panic in Year Zero!.

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