Milicent Patrick

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Milicent (always one ‘l’) Patrick designed the Creature From the Black Lagoon. She was an artist and one of the first female artists hired by Disney; she designed the Chernabog figure in Fantasia. There are several photos of Milicent at her drawing board holding the Creature ‘helmet’ head piece which she designed. One of these photos was the inspiration for this diorama which was manufactured by Sci-Fi Models and obtained at the 2021 Wonderfest show. The stool legs provided in the kit were suboptimal so new ones were scratch built from 3/16″ dowel with 3/32″ brass rod as rungs. Also, in the photos Milicent has a small foot stool and this was scratch built from balsa wood. On the base are areas designed to hold photos. Photos of Milicent were sourced from the Internet, sized, and glued in place over these areas.

All paints are acrylics. The drawing on the board was done by yours truly.

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