“Help Me” from The Fly (1958)

 In Science Fiction

Once heard, the final scream of ‘help meee’ at the end of the original 1958 film, The Fly, will never be forgotten. This partly stylized version of the part fly/part human figure was sculpted by Michael Berglund and released as a 3-D print by Escape Hatch Hobbies. The face is a spot on capture of actor David Hedison in his final scream. The fly wings are clear acrylic and stained with washes to mimic a dark tone fly wing. An extra hand to help position the legs and web as one would have been useful but with only two hands all was carefully put in place. In the film the fly is described as a “bluebottle” fly so the color scheme chosen reflected the coloration of that species. All paints are acrylics.

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