The Mole People (1956)

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This diorama is a combination of two kits depicting scenes from 1956’s The Mole People. The standing Mole Man is by Billiken and the base with the Mole Man coming out of the ground is by Mike Parks at Mad Lab Models.

Kit Maker: Mole Man: Billiken; Base: Mad Lab Models

From Wikipedia:

The Mole People is a 1956 science fiction film directed by Virgil W. Vogel.

The role of Elinor, High Priest of the Sumerians, is acted by Alan Napier who also played Alfred on the Batman television show. Hugh Beaumont is cast as Dr. Jud Bellamin. Beaumont’s most famous role was as father Ward Cleaver in the Leave It To Beaver television show series (1957-1963).

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