Day The World Ended (1955)

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The Monster from Roger Corman’s 1955 classic, Day the World Ended. This omdel features one of Paul Blaisdell’s monsters come to life. Though Day was a black and white film, there are various sources on information available on the color of the creature. Our favorite ladies in distress always seem to be wearing pink nighties.

Kit Maker: Bruce Turner

From Wikipedia:

Day the World Ended (1955) was the fourth film directed by Roger Corman. Rick (Richard Denning) is a heroic scientist who, among others, must face off against a mutant monster (Paul Blaisdell) after an atomic war destroys human civilization. Chet Huntley of NBC, who later formed The Huntley-Brinkley Report, narrates.

The film is referred to in a 2001 horror film of the same title, The Day the World Ended. The film was remade in 1967 with the title In the Year 2889 with the dialogue repeated almost entirely verbatim.

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