Strange Chair from Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)

 In Universal

Most resin figures in the Garage Kit area are 1/6th scale. After a while these do take up a lot of shelf space. Monsters in Motion released a series of kits based on the Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein film that are 1/12th scale. The good news is these take up little shelf space and due to their smaller size one would think they would be easier to build up. As it turns out these 1/12th scale figures are just as much work as their 1/6th scale cousins. The bad news is these little figures are totally unforgiving. Some mistakes can be covered up I 1/6th scale but no way in 1/12th scale. The slightest mistake is magnified in these 1/12th scale figures so great care is necessary to finish them.

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