Aurora Wolf Man

 In Universal

To help boost sales the Aurora model company released their monster kits with a “Frightenin’ lightinin'” format, meaning the head, hands and a couple other pieces are molded in day-glo phosphorescence. I never did like them. This version of the Frightening’ Lightinin’ Wolf Man is based on the James Bama box art showing a buff Lon Chaney-like Wolf Man that was released by Monsters in Motion. Instead of leaving the parts in day-glo format I painted the parts as belonging to the figure. All paints are acrylics. The tree deserved extra care since the branches are quite fragile. Not wanting them to break off some time in the future I reinforced the back of each branch with wire. The tree trunk was lined with 16 gauge brass wire whereas each branch was wired with 24 gauge steel wire. Each piece of wire was bent to match the branch and glued in place.

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