The Fly (1958)

 In Science Fiction

The key scene in the 1958 film, The Fly, is when the cloth is removed from the head of the fly-man exposing his compound eye head. It is his wife’s screams and the image of all her heads the fly would see that you will not forget.  This diorama is an amalgamation of two separate kits.  Monarch manufactured the fly and all parts are styrene.  The kind folks at Escape Hatch Hobbies make printed after market parts to accompany the Monarch kit.  These parts consist of the female, the hand in pocket, and the cloth-draped head.  Wanting to put all this together in one setting I made a back wall from MDF board and made a video grab of the lab as seen in the film, sized it appropriately, and attached it to the board.  When you turn the base around you can see the before and after images of this scene.  The dial covers on the electrical box are cut out from doll wiggly eyes and glued in place.  Notebook pages are hand drawn.  All paints are acrylics.

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