They Saved Hitler’s Brain (1969)

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This scratch built piece is based on the film, “They Saved Hitler’s Brain”, also known as the “The Madmen of Mandoras”. The head was obtained from Legend Toys. The box is plasticard cut, glued, and bondo covered to smooth out the seams. The gauge rims were cut from plasticard tubes and glued to the front. After a black basecoat the box was painted a gun metal. The items on the front of the box were taken from my spare parts box. The gauge images were obtained over the Internet, sized, and glued in place. The gauge covers are cut domes on those doll’s eyes, the ones with the black circles in them that moves around when shaken (and come in various sizes) and placed over the gauges to simulate glass covers. The dome over the head was sourced from a container that held a candle.

From Wikipedia:

They Saved Hitler’s Brain is a 1969 science fiction film that was adapted for television from a shorter theatrical feature film, Madmen of Mandoras, directed by David Bradley. The film was lengthened with about twenty minutes additional footage shot by UCLA students at the request of the distributor. As the original footage was shot several years earlier, the differences in costumes and production values are rather obvious.

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