Home Cookin’

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Halloween and witches go together. The classic idea of the old crone witch is marvelously depicted in this 1/6th scale resin diorama, titled, “Home Cookin’”. This massive diorama of 125 parts is a collaboration of Jeff Yagher, Chad Colebank, and Mike Cusanelli and released by the kind folks at Tweeterhead. Due to the massive size a project of this complexity is best to work on in subsections. The bookstand, books, cages, cauldron, animals, kiln, and, of course, the witch herself were all done separately. In addition are all the accoutrements that witches have, including a copy of The Daily Curse. For simplicity, the bottles were done as a group, as well as the crockery items. Labels and tags were put on many of the bottles and containers. The back wall and floor were also done separately. The drawings on the book pages are derived from witch and zombie symbols. All paints are acrylics. A personal thanks goes to David Fisher for inspiration on this wonderful diorama.

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