Aliens (1986)

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A compilation life-cycle diorama of the main characters seen in the Alien franchise. This attempts to answer the age old question of which came first, the alien or the egg? First is the egg, that releases the face hugger, which transforms into a chest-burster, that grows into an adult. One of the most amazing creatures unleashed onto a film audience. This diorama is a compilation of 5 different kits.

Kit Makers: Alien IV: Kaiyodo; Base: Jean-Louis Crinon; Face hugger: Japanese Resin Craft; Chest burster: Japanese Resin Craft; Egg: Japanese Resin Craft

From Wikipedia:

Aliens is a 1986 science fiction action film directed by James Cameron and starring Sigourney Weaver, Carrie Henn, Michael Biehn, Lance Henriksen, William Hope, and Bill Paxton. A sequel to the 1979 film Alien, Aliens is set 57 years after the first film with Weaver’s character Ellen Ripley returning to the planet LV-426 where she first encountered the hostile Alien. This time she is accompanied by a unit of Colonial Marines.

Aliens’ action-adventure tone was in contrast to the horror motifs of the original Alien. Following the success of The Terminator (1984), which helped establish Cameron as a major action director,[2] 20th Century Fox greenlit Aliens with a budget of approximately $18 million. It was filmed in England at Pinewood Studios, and at a decommissioned power plant.

Aliens grossed $86 million at the domestic box office during its 1986 theatrical release and $131 million internationally.[3] The movie was nominated for seven Academy Awards, including a Best Actress nomination for Sigourney Weaver. It won in the categories of Sound Effects Editing and Visual Effects. It won eight Saturn Awards, including Best Science Fiction Film, Best Actress for Weaver and Best Direction for Cameron.

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