Prince Randian & the Screaming Bullet

 In Rare & Unusual

This diorama, Prince Randian and the Screaming Bullit, is the third, last, and rarist of the original three Barker Bros. Human Oddity series featuring humans from the 1932 film, Freaks.  (The other two are Schlitze and Lionel seen elsewhere at this site.)

Prince Randian, the human torso with no arms or legs, was well known for his ability to self-light and smoke a cigarette, a feat actually shown in the film.  He lived to be 63 years old.  The Screaming Bullet is an unfortunate soul with severe deformities including being blind.  He screamed when he was hit with the nearby paddle.

All paints are acrylics.  Originally, six dioramas were planned that spelled out “B.A.R.K.E.R.” but just the first three were made.

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