Freddy Takes a Ride

 In Modern Classics

This 1895 horse-drawn hearse, manufactured by Model Trailways, is 1/12 scale and composed of both wood and white metal (Britannia). In total, the hearse is made of over 250 pieces. The instruction booklet is 46 pages long plus five separate pages of blueprints for accuracy. The detail is remarkable even down to the tiny nuts to place over each bolt. The spokes of the wheels were added one at a time and each sanded to fit. The lenses for the side lamps were separately carved and sanded smooth with higher grades of sandpaper and a final polish. The undercarriage fifth wheel is accurate and easily turns. The fully pose-able Freddy Kruger, 1/12 scale, is from ONE-12 Collective, and was embellished to make it more ‘Freddy’. Who is Freddy going to put in that coffin? Only in your dreams..

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