The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951)

 In Science Fiction

A stylized scene from the classic film, The Day the Earth Stood Still.  Here the robot, Gort, is carrying away the girl.  The base was painted to simulate earth.

Kit Maker: Nocturna

From Wikipedia:

The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) is an American science-fiction film that tells the story of a humanoid alien visitor who comes to visit the Earth with a warning, accompanied by his powerful robot, “Gort“. Robert Wise directed this film, and its primary actors and actresses were Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal, Sam Jaffe, and Hugh Marlowe. “Gort” is also a primary character in this motion picture, but he is portrayed as a completely mechanical man. The writer of The Day the Earth Stood Still, Edmund H. North, based his screenplay on Harry Bates‘s short story “Farewell to the Master” (1940).

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